NASCAR Announces Random Drug Testing Policy

Professional racing circuit NASCAR has announced new random drug-testing rules as part of its substance-abuse policy, WRAL reported Sept. 22. The testing is scheduled to begin in 2009. Although the kinds of drugs being tested for have not been announced, NASCAR said that the policy is “triggered with the use of any drug or medication if [...]

Random Drug Tests For Marion Students

Marion, AR- Teens in Marion, Arkansas may find themselves randomly drug screened this year. It’s a new policy that has a lot of parents and students talking.  The drug testing affects all 7th through 12th graders who participate in extra curricular activities or drive to school. High school students we talked with admit many teens are using [...]

Drug tests OK?d for psychiatric hospital workers

All employees in state psychiatric hospitals would be required to pass a drug test if a bill amended by the state Assembly on Thursday becomes law. OAS_AD('ArticleFlex_1'); Amendments approved by voice vote Thursday would also permit supervisors to order drug tests for any employee whose “visible impairment or professional misconduct” endangered a patient. “The bill on drug testing [...]

NASCAR set to institute random drug testing

DOVER, Del. (AP) - NASCAR has toughened its drug policy and will test all drivers in the sanctioning body’s three national series before the start of the 2009 season. Go inside the garage Want to know the latest news and results from the world of NASCAR? We’ve got all the angles covered Around the [...]

La Salle Student-Athletes Become Informed on Drug Testing

La Salle student-athletes gathered in the Dan Rodden Theatre on Thursday, September 11, to learn about drug testing and banned substances for all NCAA Division-I collegiate athletic programs. Frank Uryasz, the President of the National Center for Drug Free Sport, Inc., addressed the filled auditorium of athletes, coaches and staff about drug-use prevention and all [...]

Xavier Marshall to miss Stanford Series after failing drug test

Marshall, 22, along with Tonito Willetts - an uncapped all-rounder from the Leewards Islands - failed a drugs test during a two-week training camp held last month in Antigua. The two players were among a 32-man squad selected ahead of the winner-takes-all $20m math on Nov 1. Donald [...]

Youths? drug of choice? Prescription

It’s been four decades since the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, but aging baby boomers haven’t stopped turning on. The federal government’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health, released earlier this month, finds that as boomers move into their 50s in large numbers, drug use among older adults in the United States has [...]

Sheriff launches drug test program

At the start of this school year, Sheriff Rodney Miller announced a new drug testing program to help parents identify and deal with students using drugs illegally. ?Stopping drug abuse has to start at home,? Miller said. Miller says that he is asking for parents to STEP UP to help students deal with substance abuse pressures. [...]

Jeffersontown To Drug Test City Employees In Wake of Bust

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - In the wake of the arrest of the Jeffersontown Public Works director on drug charges, the city council has passed a policy requiring drug testing on city employees. “We’ve got to buckle our belts down and show these people of this community that we’re not a bunch of clowns in the circus,” [...]

Taiwanese baseball player banned for failing drug test

A Taiwanese baseball player was banned from competing in the team’s first Olympic baseball game after testing positive following a drug test. Taiwan Baseball Association announced third baseman Chang Tai-shan was not permitted to play in the team’s opener on Wednesday against the Netherlands after being informed about the results by the International Olympic Committee. Taiwan is [...]

Summit on random drug testing in school

Does random drug testing of students work? That question was debated around the country today, including in Newark, New Jersey. It’s a series of “drug summits.” And yes, random drug testing does seem to cut drug use. But at what cost? Some critics say students lose their civil rights. As of this school year, most students at [...]

Oxford school to being drug tests

OXFORD, Miss. — Oxford High School will host an orientation meeting Monday to inform parents about a new drug testing policy. Officials will begin taking random drug tests next month of students who have parking privileges or participate in some extracurricular activities. Program coordinator Johnny Hill said the random urine testing, which will take place on campus [...]

Greek hurdler sent home for failed drug test

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Reigning women’s 400-meter hurdles champion Fani Halkia of Greece will not defend her Olympic title in Beijing after becoming the latest Greek athlete to fail a doping test. Halkia is the golden girl of Greek athletics after her victory in the Athens Games. The International Olympic Committee confirmed Sunday that Halkia tested [...]

Los Alamos does drug testing

Los Alamos National Laboratory has started random drug testing of its scientists, engineers and other employees after finding secret nuclear weapons data in a former worker?s residential trailer, lab officials told a House investigation panel Tuesday. Police discovered about 1,500 pages of classified information, along with methamphetamine pipes, while responding to a domestic disturbance call at a trailer park in Los Alamos, [...]

NCAA To Implement Drug-Testing Pilot Program In Division III

MENOMONIE, Wis. (AP) - After police seized steroids from the homes of two of his linebackers, University of Wisconsin-Stout football coach Todd Strop fired off an e-mail warning his players to stop using drugs or quit. “I am scared to know how deep the drug use is on this team, but we will, with your help, [...]