I have 23 years of police experience, 3 years as a Military Police Officer in the U.S. Army and 20 years as a Patrol Officer and a Detective with the Auburn Police Department, where I conducted and participated in many investigations.

I am certified for DOT and non regulated speciman collection, DOT breath alcohol collection, hair speciman collection, saliva speciman collection, DNA collection for paternity tests, and instant on site drug screening.

I am a licensed, insured, and bonded Private Investigator and have experience in report writing, District and Federal courtroom testimony, interveiw and interogation, statement analysis, drug recognition and detection, crime scene investigation, evidence collection and preservation, crime scene processing, conducting investigations and surveillance.

I am available for DOT collections after hours and weekends by appointment. Also available for emergency post accident callout and available for mobile on site collections for DOT testing and DNA collections.